A completely non-technical article about organisational psychology based on a joke.

December 2022

When presenting scaling, what should be on the X-axis?
Part 1: Do you really want "speedup"?

September 2022

Some C++ folk seem to think so, but they're wrong!

July 2022

An off-topic result of covid induced feverish thinking!

May 2022

But the code works on AArch64, how can it fail on X86_64?!

March 2022

Is Linux' sched_yield() useful while polling, or merely "sound and fury signifying nothing"?

February 2022

Using a FOREACH macro and a few other amusements

November 2021

The gory details for one machine
Surely this is standard already?

August 2021

Which library did you say will be loaded!?

May 2021

Better get those compiler flags right!